Sunday, June 27, 2010


The U.S. lost to Ghana yesterday at the World Cup and I'm not all that sad about it. Don't get me wrong, it sucks, but losing the game convicted me of something. I'm not sure if convict is the right word, maybe just aggressively remind is a better one. The truth is I am easily distracted.
Over the last couple weeks I've been spiritually winding down. I don't expect to be on a spiritual high my whole life, though that would be nice, but I don't like accepting the low points. As the U.S. was losing the game yesterday I was reminded of how much I need God, not in the sinner/savior sense, but in the personal and present sense. The drift of the last few weeks has been medicated through work, the visit of friends, and the distraction of soccer. None of those things are bad, I would argue that they are for the most part good, which is why this is so strange. Even good things, when allowed to occupy the wrong spaces, can suck the life out of you just as fast as things that are arguably bad. This totally blows.
Just needed to vent.

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  1. I think that is a wonderful observation and speaks volumes to who God is in your life and to how intimately connected you are with him.