Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rocket Man

I'm starting to think about the concept that a theology born in the library can't survive an encounter with the Holy Spirit, at least not intact. Paul had the greatest theological foundation that books and lecturers could provide, yet after being exposed to Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit his theology did an about face and strapped on a rocket pack. If you think about it, the Bible, as well as a large number or our most useful books on theology were written by people who were responding and reacting to the Spirit of God (at least in theory). All of Paul's letters, Revelation, all of the prophetic books, and the stuff attached to Moses were, in principle, literal renditions of Spirit rendered theology. Can we honestly depend on the library for something that historically happened outside it? Not that it isn't useful, but has a medical book ever healed anyone?

Not all that original or anything, just something I am starting to think about.

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