Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turkish Observations

A few observations from Istanbul:
1. Istanbul is in serious competition for the Oscar for coolest city ever.
2. Some Turkish women are quite attractive and all Turkish men look like gangsters or Eurotrash D-bags.
3. It's appropriately ironic that the 'Blue' Mosque was specifically designed as a one-up to the mosque directly across from it. Not so ironically it succeeds in it's task.
4. To the chick in full burka who passed me on the street today, you have some sexy eyes. Just thought you'd like to know.
5. Turkish coffee is legit.
6. Every joint is a hooka joint.
7. Istanbul has reminded me of how good food can taste.
8. The Grand Bazaar is appropriately named; that motha is massive. It also managed to instill a sense of regret in me for not being rich, there was some seriously cool schwag in that place.
9. Turks tend to have "distinctive" noses and make me feel considerably less hairy.

1 comment:

  1. the Blue Mosque. Truly the spirit of danger and excellence in action.